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Barents Institute calls for papers
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Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Wednesday, 14 May 2014 09:27

(Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images) The Barents Institute organizes the 2014 Thorvald Stoltenberg Conference, 7-8 October 2014, which will take place in Kirkenes, Norway. The event is entitled: Mining the Arctic: sustainable communities, economies, and governance? The deadline for abstract submissions is 19 June 2014. Presenters will be notified by 4 July 2014.

A new wave of investment in mining is taking place in the entire Arctic region. Whether a grab for energy resources promised by the blue depths of the Arctic Ocean, or mineral riches deep in the ground and ice, resource exploration and extraction of oil, gas, gold, diamonds, copper, uranium, and iron are in full force in the High North.


This intensified development creates novel and unprecedented opportunities for many local communities, but it also poses new governance, environmental, social, and business management challenges, not least when it comes to economic, social, and environmental sustainability. It is of great relevance then that we ask questions about how these changes brought about by the spur to mine and extract natural resources can be better managed in order to ensure sustainable futures.


Everyone can agree that effective resource extraction policies can greatly reduce adverse consequences to the global environment, to the sustainability of communities, and to potential harm to Arctic populations, indigenous and non-indigenous alike. But how do we agree on how these policies should be created and how they are to be implemented when big business, and national and international interests clash with local populations?

The Barents Institute Conference will attempt to address some of these pressing questions facing local communities and politics in the Arctic Region.

For more information about the conference and abstract submission, please contact Aileen Aseron Espiritu: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Danish colonial abuses to be investigated
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Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 09:59

(Photo: Getty Images) Houses in Greenland (Photo: Getty Images) Houses in GreenlandThis month the Greenland Commission will begin to investigate the colonial abuses, committed by the Kingdom of Denmark in the 1950s.

The Prime Minister of Greenland, Aleqa Hammond stated that Greenland wants to force Denmark to admit human rights abuses against its former colony´s indigenous people to include taking over ancestral hunting grounds and removing children from Inuit families for better integration into Danish society.

The Head of Greenlandic Parliament admits that with the country striving for independence, reconciliation is very important. Hammond recognized that with Greenland aiming to become greatly autonomous, the peoples must know about their history.

Greenland, first colonized by Denmark in the 18th century, gained greater autonomy from Copenhagen in 2009 and its main political parties favour eventual full independence, but the economy remains heavily dependent on Danish financial subsidies.

UArctic Rectors' Forum coming up
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Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Monday, 12 May 2014 09:49

(Logo: University of the Arctic) (Logo: University of the Arctic) The UArctic Rector´s Forum will gather in Akureyri, Northern Iceland May 28th – 31st 2014.


The 8th UArctic Rectors' Forum is hosted by the University of Akureyri. The Theme of the 8th Forum is University Education in the Arctic Regions-, flexibility, gender equality and health.


In conjunction with the 2014 Rectors' Forum, the University of Akureyri will continue the practice of hosting a UArctic Students' Forum. In this respect, all interested parties are invited to sponsor one graduate student or rising senior undergraduate student from your institution to participate in the student program.


The institution will be responsible for the cost associated with the participation of your student representatives, i.e. registration fee, travel expenses and accommodation cost. Please, see the preliminary program for Student's Forum.


The Rectors' Forums are for the leaders of UArctic's Higher Education Institution members, and serve as a unique opportunity for the heads of these institutions in the circumpolar North to participate in a common dialogue and learning experience focused on topics of special relevance.


Institution leaders (Chancellors, Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Provosts) who participate in the meeting may bring one additional expert or advisor in their delegation. Note: The Rectors' Forum business meeting session is not open to representatives from UArctic members who are not a rector, provost, president, vice president or hold a similar post of leadership.


For further details see UArctic Rectors' Forum Terms of Reference and the UArctic Charter (adopted and signed at the Rectors' Forum 2008).



Sustainable Futures in Changing Climate Conference coming soon
Other News
Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Friday, 09 May 2014 10:04

(Photo: Sustainable Futures in Changing Climate) (Photo: Sustainable Futures in Changing Climate) The conference entitled Sustainable Futures in Changing Climate will take place 11 – 12 of June 2014 in Wanha Satama, Helsinki, Finland.

The conference will bring together the best experts from the fields of Futures Studies, Climate Change and Sustainable Development and let the scientific community to interact with policymakers and representatives of companies. By developing images of alternative futures, the goal of the conference is to present current academic research and give new viewpoints and novel ideas to decision-makers to assist them towards more feasible decisions for sustainable development.

This conference is part of the first international Future Infinite Conference, consisting of two parallel series of lectures. The academic part will take place on 11-12 June with the title "Sustainable Futures in a Changing Climate – Future Infinite Academic". All the academic participants are most welcome to join the second part of the event "Future Infinite", targeted on corporate leaders and decision-makers.


On Friday 13 June, the Future Pitches section of the conference will be held. In this part of the programme, partner companies will share their perspectives on the future. In addition, best entries to the Everyday Innovations of the Future competition for students will be showcased at the conference.

Click here for more information and to register for the event.

Summer school of NEFU still welcomes applications!
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Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Thursday, 08 May 2014 10:27

(Photo: PAGE21) Youn researchers in Cherskii Siberia, during the summer 2013 (Photo: PAGE21) Youn researchers in Cherskii Siberia, during the summer 2013The deadline for applications for the annual summer school programs at North – Eastern Federal University has been extended until the May 30th.

Waivers are still available for two programs: Russian Language and Culture in Siberia; and Climate Change: Transformation of Landscapes and Adaptation of the Society.


Russian Language and Culture in Siberia, hosted by the Philological Faculty, will provide courses in Russian language and culture. Students will get knowledge on Russian language, literature and culture in Siberia. The program offers diverse cultural and social program and also a field trip.


The summer school Climate Change: Transformation of Landscapes and Adaptation of the Society is led by the Institute of Natural Sciences in cooperation with DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).


This school is intended for both undergraduate and graduate students interested in studying the climate change from natural and social sciences perspective.


All successful applicants are allocated tuition and accommodation fee waivers. However, they are still responsible for travel, cultural program and field trips costs.


For further information, contact: Daria Burnasheva This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

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