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Arctic Shipping an Evolution , not a Revolution
Shipping News
Friday, 18 May 2012 10:21

Container ship (Photo: Getty Images)Container ship (Photo: Getty Images)What is the future of shipping in the Arctic? Many are following the developments in the Arctic closely, not only the nature and its ways, but the legal regime and environment as well.


Amongst those are the shipping companies who could utilize the Arctic Shipping routes. Arctic Portal met up with a CEO of a shipping company in Norway, the Tschudi shipping company.


Tschudi Shipping Company is a privately controlled Norwegian shipowning company operating within the international maritime industry. The company focuses on active ownership and management of vessels and shipping related projects and companies.

Below is the interview with Jon Edvard Sundnes, CEO of Tschudi.






Arctic Portal Interview

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Architecture in Antarctica
Other News
Tuesday, 15 May 2012 14:17

Halley station in Antarctica (Photo: station in Antarctica (Photo: was down to faith. That is the reason Hugh Broughton, architect, started designing buildings for the extreme conditions in Antarctica.

Blistering wind and temperatures below 0 every day of the year calls for unique designs. BUt there are more concerns. Moving ice and long distances do not make the designing any easier.

In a fascinating interview with the Arctic Portal, Hugh described the design of infrastructure in the South Pole. He gave us an insight to the British Station, Halley, he designed.

He has also looked at other projects in Antarctica and even considers the designs usable in other locations.

Below is the interview with Hugh.




Yacht sail and research this summer
Other News
Monday, 14 May 2012 11:38

The Arctic Tern (Photo: APECS)The Arctic Tern (Photo: APECS)Researchers have a unique opportunity to travel around the Arctic this summer. The Association of Polar Early Career Scientists invites researchers to join WWF and the Students on Ice Foundation on a summer expedition to the high latitudes of Greenland and the Canadian Arctic.

The mean of travel is the expedition sailboat Arctic Tern, which will sail between communities whilst researchers can do their research on land, the sea or in the communities themselves.

The Arctic Tern is a 50 ft. expedition sailing yacht with a retractable keel to meet the risks of sailing in ice-bound areas which also enables it to sail onto a beach.


The journey will include experiences polar sailors. It was acquired by Students on Ice in September 2009 to serve as a platform for education, science research, film and media.

Research areas will include ecosystem productivity, sea ice, flora and fauna, permafrost, ocean currents and cultural adaptations. Application deadline is May 21st and only seven places are available.

Click here for more information and to apply.





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Good process in Swedish chairmanship
2012 Other
Thursday, 10 May 2012 12:23

Gustaf Lind (Photo: Hjalti Þór Hreinsson - Arctic Portal)Gustaf Lind (Photo: Hjalti Þór Hreinsson - Arctic Portal)Sweden are the shair of the Arctic Council. The Swedish chairmanship runs from 2011 to 213 when Canada takes over.

Arctic Portal met with the chair of the Swedish leadership at the IPY 2012 conference in Montreal.

We talked to Gustaf about what the Swedes have been doing, what legacy they want to leave behind, their main goals and the process of implementing their recomendations.

Click below to see the interview.




IPY Interview

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Key findings of the ASTI program
Other News
Wednesday, 09 May 2012 11:33

Mike presenting the findings at the IPY 2012 conference in Montreal.Mike presenting the findings at the IPY 2012 conference in Montreal.The Arctic Species Trend Index is the latest headline indicator by the Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program. Arctic Portal talked to the chair if CBMP, Mike Gill, about ASTI and the lates key findings just released.

ASTI tracks trends in over 300 Arctic vertebrate species and they are presented in the reports, available on the ASTI website.

Mike presented the key findings report in Montreal at the IPY 2012 conference.

Click the video below to see the interview.


IPY Interview

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Quick facts about the key findings report.


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