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ICETECH 2014 starts on Sunday
Shipping News
Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Monday, 23 June 2014 08:43

(Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images)International conference and exhibition on performance of ships and structures in ice starts on Sunday 28th of June 2014. The event will take place in Banff, Alberta, Canada.

The theme of the conference is performance of ships and structures in ice (icebreaking ships, ice resistant structures, and operations in ice) with emphasis and special sessions on looking to the future in a warming world.


The conference will cover topics including:

-Global warming implications to Arctic ships and structures
-Icebreaking ships, Naval Architecture, construction, and marine operations
-Structures in ice/iceberg populated waters
-Construction and logistics in ice-covered areas
-Ice management
-New offshore developments in ice-covered areas
-Subsea pipelines and facilities in ice
-Marine systems for offshore drilling and production operations in ice
-Codes, regulations and standards
-Ice conditions, forecasting and remote sensing
-Safety, risk and environmental protection
-Escape, Evacuation and Rescue (EER)
-Arctic Geopolitics

Conference will end on Monday, the 30th of June.


To read more about the conference and to register for the event, please click here.

New call open from the RFH & RCN
Other News
Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Friday, 20 June 2014 09:12

(Logos: RFH & RCN) (Logos: RFH & RCN)The Russian Foundation for Humanities (Russia) and the Research Council of Norway (Norway) open a new call in the field of humanities. Deadline for the application is 10/09/2014.


Areas of research to be supported by the Foundation are to include:


• Social problems of human health and ecology;
• Economy globalization (production and trade, investment, innovation, finance, energy, global resources)


The following types of projects are accepted:

- Joint research projects carried out by international scientific team (1 or 2 calendar years);
- Joint projects in organization of events, including conferences and seminars on research areas supported by the Foundation;
- Joint projects of expeditions, field and sociological research, research and restoration work required to get the new data in the field of humanities.


Click here for more information about the application:

Herring crisis resolved in Faroe Islands
Other News
Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Thursday, 19 June 2014 10:49

(Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images) The European Union has decided to drop the sanctions that it had imposed on the northeast Atlantic nation of Faroe Islands.

Last year, the government of Faroe Islands took the matter to the World Trade Organization (WTO), claiming that the EU had no right to ban countries from importing herring from the island group.

The dispute began when the Faroe Islands defied the herring quotas set by the EU, with the latter then accusing the autonomous Danish province of "massive overfishing". However, Maria Damanaki, the EU's maritime affairs commissioner, announced that the Faroese had said they will end their "unsustainable herring fishery" in the northeast Atlantic and drop their WTO complaint against the EU.

Click here to read more about EU fishing policy.

EUCOP4 starts today
Climate Change News
Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Wednesday, 18 June 2014 09:46

(Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images)EUCOP 4, is going to be held in Évora, Portugal 18-21 June, 2014. The PAGE21 project partners are actively participating in the conference chairing various sessions and presenting the latest research. Full list of accepted abstracts can be found here.


A Young Researchers workshop will be organized in a joint effort of PYRN (Permafrost Young Researchers Network), APECS (Association of Polar Early Career Scientists ) and the young researcher representatives of the two projects PAGE21 (Changing Permafrost in the Arctic and its Global Effects in the 21st Century) and ADAPT (Arctic Development and Adaptation to Permafrost in Transition).


The workshop aims at building interdisciplinary knowledge on how the Arctic and Antarctic permafrost regions play a key role in the Earth System and to give each participant a more overarching view on the regions beyond disciplinary research questions.


To achieve this, the participants will share knowledge with each other in thematic break-out sessions and elaborate the future avenues of permafrost research together, with mentors playing a key role in permafrost research either in large-scale international projects or science policy.


What is more, the workshop participants engaged with PAGE21 project will share their experience through casual blogs from the Conference and the Workshop.

We encourage other participants to share their experience via the comments system that will be available together with the blogs.


Please visit the conference website for all practical information about the event.

Indigenous peoples rights to be addressed
Other News
Written by Magdalena Tomasik   
Monday, 16 June 2014 08:37

(Photo: Getty Images) (Photo: Getty Images) Arctic Centre participates in organizing a joint workshop on Arctic Sacred Sites and Culturally Important Landscapes.

Arctic Centre, jointly with Sámi Education Institute, SIIDA Sámi museum, University of Montréal and University of the Arctic Thematic Network on Arctic Law, is organizing an indigenous rights-holder workshop "Experiencing and Protecting Arctic Sacred Sites and Culturally Important Landscapes – Creating Partnerships with Mutual Respect" to be held in Inari/Aanar June 11–13, 2014

Around 50 persons from different Arctic countries will be discussing the present and future challenges and opportunities related to sacred and cultural sites of Arctic indigenous peoples. The idea of the workshop is to advance multidisciplinary research project related to the sacred sites. Several researchers from the Arctic Centre have participated in the planning of the project which will be realized in close partnership with many indigenous peoples' organizations or institutions.

In September 2013, nearly 80 sacred site guardians of indigenous communities, indigenous peoples' organizations, scientists, and policy makers gathered together in Rovaniemi and Pyhätunturi for the first international, multidisciplinary conference on Arctic sacred sites. The conference succeeded to create a platform to establish a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to tackle multiple issues of the sacred sites and culturally important landscapes in the Arctic. Conference participants issued the first statement for policy-making related to sacred sites in the Arctic. The conference acted as a platform to create a participatory educational research project to advance the transmission of spiritually relevant culturally embedded knowledge and practices related to sacred sites and culturally important landscapes to younger generations, and advance effective legal recognition and sustainable development planning.

Indigenous rights-holder workshop emphasizes the voice of indigenous communities. Therefore, all the invited key-note speakers are indigenous persons. Academic and other participants act as expert commentators or participate actively in four different workshops.


Workshop aims at creating partnerships with mutual trust and respect. The four themes of the workshop are:

1) Traditional knowledge and customary law related to Arctic sacred sites and culturally important landscape;

2) Education and revitalisation and transmission of culture (language, worldview, spiritual practices, rituals, ceremonies, healing, spiritual well-being of the community);

3) Nature-culture interrelationship: Threats to and loss off sacred sites, traditional lands and culturally important landscapes and linked livelihoods (mining, forestry, mapping, tourism);

4) Recognition and protection, Akwe: Kon Guidelines and UNESCO World Heritage Convention.


More information:
Researcher: Leena Heinämäki
leena.heinamaki (at)
Tel. +358 40 484 4280

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